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Smooth Sailing with Boomi EDI AS2: Part 4: AS2 client error related to firewall restrictions and resource URL permissions.

Boomi AS2 client initiates a connection to your trading partners AS2 endpoint to send documents. Your trading partners firewall might be restricted so that only approved applications can access the resource.


During AS2 setup, the trading partner will ask for Boomi outbound IP to allow in their firewall to facilitate a successful connection.


The Boomi AS2 client will be blocked at your trading partners firewall when your outgoing IP is not allowlisted or when the incorrect IP is allowlisted.


Also, ensure to allowlist all possible outbound IPs both primary and failover IP in your trading partner’s firewall. Allowlisting only primary IP and not your failover IP can result in connection errors during failover situations.



🚩Possible Errors


“Error sending message to AS2 Server; Caused by: Read timed out” is one of the most common errors when Boomi AS2 client is not allowlisted in Trading partner firewall.

 Certain trading partners might permit you in the firewall, but might still need to grant access to the resource URL.


Below are possible errors when you’re not allowed to access the resource.

Error sending message to AS2 Server; Caused by: Error sending message to AS2 Server, Code 403: Forbidden


“Error sending message to AS2 Server; Caused by: Error sending message to AS2 Server, Code 500: Server Error”


If your IP is allowlisted/granted access to the resource and if you still encounter one of the above errors, it might be

You’re connecting to a wrong AS2 endpoint than one provided by the trading partner

The Trading partners AS2 endpoint is currently inactive or not online to receive documents




If you have a local Boomi runtime, your organizations network administrator would help you with the Boomi server’s outbound IP.


For Boomi atom clouds, please refer this Boomi article which lists all Outbound IPs of Boomi atom clouds of different regions.


Work with your Trading Partner’s EDI team to allowlist the Boomi Outbound IP in firewall and/or grant access to the resource URL and then redo your connection test.

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