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Selected Works
in Warehousing

From the complex implementation of EDI solutions to the automation of manual processes, I have helped organizations of all sizes to streamline their processes and increase their efficiency.

Koerber 3PL and Boomi EDI

Helped implement EDI Integrations for a Cold Storage and Logistics Company using Boomi

Middleware used: Boomi

Applications: Koerber 3PL

Industry: Warehousing

  • Design EDI integrations using Boomi for Inbound 943, 940, 947i and Outbound 944, 945, 846, 856 and 947o

  • Developed Boomi mappings between EDI and Koerber Flat File formats

  • Trading Partner Onboardings involving communication setups, build maps as per partner specifications, User Acceptance Testing, Go-Live and Production support

  • Built EDI guides for the company so that customers can align their EDI as per the Warehouse Specification

  • Worked closely with 3PL consultants to configure right Inventory Levels, Customer and Company code in the Koerber Flat file 

  • Integrated 856 with Walmart.

Tech Used

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