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Selected Works
in Healthcare

From the complex implementation of EDI solutions to the automation of manual processes, I have helped organizations of all sizes to streamline their processes and increase their efficiency.

Salesforce and Boomi EDI

This project was for a non-profit organization to automate their claim submission and payment processes using Salesforce and Boomi EDI

Middleware used: Boomi

Applications: Salesforce, Trading Partners, Availity Clearinghouse

Industry: Healthcare

  • Batch integration to retrieve Invoices from Salesforce, translate them in to EDI 837P and submit to Healthy Blu via Availity. Flag based approach to update the invoices as submitted once EDI file is dropped to ClearingHouse SFTP server so they are processed once.

  • Evalaute TA1 generated and alert if there are errors spotted.

  • Integrate 277CA returned from Availity and update Salesforce on success/rejection status along with any error message.

  • Integrate 835 returned from Payer and export it to Salesforce with paid/denied status.

  • Archive all EDI files in Microsoft Azure Blob storage

Tech Used

EDI image
Availity logo
HealthyBlue Logo

Oracle Database and Boomi EDI

This project involves EDI Integration between Third Party Administrator and its Providers

Middleware used: Boomi

Applications: Oracle Database

Industry: Healthcare

  • Migration from TradeLink, Altova MapForce to Boomi.

  • Design Inbound integration to pick up EDI 837 P, I, D , 835, 278 (Services and Admissions) from a disk path and then route to appropriate partner specific maps to insert into Oracle DB tables.

  • Outbound Integration to retrieve records from Oracle DB and then translate into EDI 837P and push it to disk to be sent to Trading Partners

  • Error handling with transaction rollback

  • Email HTML reports to display all the documents received in the EDI batch and its processing status.

Tech Used

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