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Selected Works In Retail

From the complex implementation of EDI solutions to the automation of manual processes, I have helped organizations of all sizes to streamline their processes and increase their efficiency.

EDI NetSuite Integration

A leading stroller manufacturing company based in Netherlands migrated its Legacy EDI infrastructure from to Boomi to enable faster onboarding and one unified integration middleware platform

Middleware used: Boomi

Applications: NetSuite

Industry: Retail

  • Designed and implemented EDI framework using Boomi for 3PL,OTC/P2P workflows

  • Integrated with NetSuite ERP using NetSuite and http connector. Extracted data using SavedSearch and Restlets. 

  • Trading Partner onboarding by establishing AS2 connection, mapping from X12/EDIFACT to NetSuite API request formats or vice versa and testing support.

  • Built intelligent processes adhering to the integration principles and best practices.

  • Played key role to the migration and regression testing strategy  of migrating 60 partners from legacy EDI infrastructure to Boomi with minimal involvement of trading partners.

Tech Used

Boomi EDI Logo
Oracle NetSuite logo

Consumer360 Integration

This project was for a Retail business, it aimed at providing customers a great experience by streamlining all internal operations from sales, service and marketing.

Middleware used: Boomi (Process Development & API Services )

Applications: NetSuite, SFSC, SFMC

Industry: Retail

  • Real time SalesOrder, Invoice Integration between NetSuite and Salesforce ServiceCloud using event triggered http callouts and Salesforce Connector. 

  • Real time processes optimized to run in low latency mode and decoupled pub/sub integration pattern

  • Master Data Synchronization between NetSuite and Salesforce for accounts. Batch processes optimized using flow control to break larger batches in to smaller units.

  • PIM integration to sync products information from Inriver to Netsuite and DataWarehouse.

  • Integration between Insider and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send abandoned cart emails.

Tech Used

InRiver logo
Boomi Salesforce Service Cloud logo
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Logo
Boomi Logo

Hybrid Integration Platform

A leading coffee beverages company aiming to accelerate business with introduction of new sales channels (e-commerce platforms, geographies) & a new Digital roadmap which necessitated the need for a Hybrid Integration Platform with pervasive integration and faster time to market capabilities.

Middleware used: Boomi (EDI B2B, API Management)

Applications: SAP, Magento OMS, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, SAP HANA, SuccessFactors

Industry: Retail

  • Have been part of building an optimized B2B framework suitable for B2B landscape. A highly configurable framework that enables faster onboarding of partners by templating connections (AS2, HTTP) reusable maps and common processes to connect to source/target systems. Set up custom flow for VAN partners.

  • Involved in configuring the REST/SOAP API services based on best practices and naming conventions. Maintaining a catalogue of API endpoints for facilitating reusability and versioning.

  • Building synchronous real time REST/SOAP APIs using XML/JSON payload and exposing business functions across Salesforce, SAP HANA, Magento OMS, SuccessFactors

  • Have good understanding on Swagger definitions and import to create Boomi APIs and services upon them

  • Have created API services and endpoits based on the design guidelines ensuring proper URL design, appropriate status codes and error/success responses

Tech Used

Boomi EDI NetSuite Integration
Salesforce logo
SAP SuccessFactors Logo
Magneto Logo
SAP Logo

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