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Smooth Sailing with Boomi AS2: Part 1: Troubleshoot Boomi AS2 Duplicate route error

Updated: Mar 1

AS2 is the preferred communication method in B2B/EDI integration. To be proficient in setting up AS2, you should be good at troubleshooting AS2 errors.

You can encounter errors during new AS2 Set Ups or updating existing set ups for the below two reasons.

AS2 configuration is intricate as it involves properly binding the Trading Partner Components, Process and Certificates to make it work.

External dependencies as your trading partner too should have a valid AS2 set up to successfully establish connection.

Errors happens at two places.

AS2 Listener errors

The AS2 Listener is the entry point for your Inbound documents from trading partners. A wrong AS2 listener configuration can result in the listener going to error state.


AS2 Send errors

Your Boomi AS2 client is the exit point for your outbound documents. Boomi AS2 client will report an exception during AS2 sends.

I have done more than 50 AS2 Setups in Boomi and in this five-part blog series, we will look in to the five common exceptions, its causes and resolution. In the first part, we will look at Duplicate Route error which brings the listener to an error state.

After deploying an AS2 listener process, it is important to check the status of the listener in Atom >> Listeners.

The “View Error Message” displays the below Duplicate route Error Message

Cause of the error

The AS2 engine routes the documents to the appropriate listener process using the AS2 Id pair (AS2 From ID and AS2 To ID). Duplicate route exception arises when the Boomi AS2 engine detects more than one AS2 Id pair to route the documents.


This error usually occurs when AS2 communication is configured with VAN Providers where you have a single AS2 channel to exchange documents related to multiple trading partners.

In such cases, use a shared communication channel in the Trading Partner component AS2 Communication set up. Also, ensure to link add all the involved trading partner components to a single AS2 listener process.

Alternatively, you can also group all the trading partners into a processing group and bind it to the listener process trading partner start shape.

If you have multiple “My Company”, Shared Communication Channel will still end up in Duplicate Route Exception. In such cases, you need to set “Use All Defaults” in the Trading Partner Component and configure AS2 parameters in the “My Company TP” Component. Since there are more than one “My Company TP”, you need to select one of them as primary default using the star icon.

Should you have anything more to add, please write in comments

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