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Smooth Sailing with Boomi AS2: Part 2: AS2 error when integrating Boomi and IBM Sterling Integrator

Updated: Mar 1

In Part-2 of this blog series on AS2 errors, we will see an AS2 exception that is common when integrating Boomi with IBM Sterling Integrator(SI).

When sending documents from Boomi to SI, the MDN reported “authentication-failed” error because of a prevailing issue at SI. IBM SI has a large customer base, and I encountered the same error with three trading partners who used SI as their EDI software.

A Boomi article already details the error, cause, and resolution. However, I would like to add on/highlight key points.

1) This error happens when you use Boomi Atom cloud as your runtime.

2) This error can also happen if you configure your on-prem or molecule to use the latest version of Bouncy Castle libraries.

🚩Important observations when we troubleshooted this error

1)      This error happens because of signing. Boomi provides option to sign the AS2 message and MDN. This error does not occur when signing is disabled.

2)      When Request MDN and message signing is disabled for AS2 sends, the message is only encrypted, and it was processed fine at SI.

🚩Possible resolutions

As discussed in the Boomi article, the fix needs to be applied at Sterling Integrator to resolve this error. If the trading partner is reluctant to apply the fix, you can consider the below options.


Since the exception is related to AS2, discuss with your trading partner to check if they support SFTP. You can consider connecting to their SFTP server to exchange EDI documents.


If you and your trading partner are already on a VAN, you can consider document exchange via VAN instead of direct AS2. Most VANs provide options to connect via AS2 or SFTP.

Less secure direct AS2:

As said earlier, this error being related to signing, you can consider disabling message signing and do not request MDN for message sends. The AS2 message will be encrypted but not signed. Please be informed this is less secure as disabling signing forfeit sender authentication and MDN for message non-repudiation.

Should you have anything more to add, please write in comments.

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