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Why do I prefer legacy Boomi disk connector over disk v2 connector for standard use cases?

I prefer legacy disk connector over disk v2 connector for this one reason.

Disk v2 connector has advanced features over legacy connector such as

    File listeners

    Perform file operations based on created/modified date & file size.

    File deletes can be faster as list + delete operation can delete without getting the document data.

However, one of the known limitations with v2 connector is that it cannot be used in a process start shape if you want to set the Directory parameters dynamically.

To set the directory parameter dynamically using v2 connector, the process should start with “No Data” or “Data Passthrough” shape and configure the “Disk v2 – Directory” property via “Set Properties” shape.

When disk v2 connector cannot be set in the start shape, the process loses the ability to rerun from process reporting as documents that are from Start shape or Trading Partner shape can ONLY be submitted for rerun.

You may need to rerun a document for transmission failures, resubmission request from the recipient system, validation errors or after a code fix. Rerunning a document from process reporting is quick and easy than downloading/re-dropping the file in to the underlying file system.

Unless you need advanced file listen/query based on date/file size, most integration requirements can be satisfied by using a legacy disc connector. The next time, remember you can't rerun documents when you choose disc v2.

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