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Boomi Rerun of documents.

Updated: Mar 1

✍️ Points to keep in mind about Boomi Rerun of documents.

Rerun of documents is a very helpful feature for Operations team and it is possible this functionality is either overlooked or not fully leveraged.

A rerun is resubmitting the documents that were already processed as part of an earlier process execution. Rerun is done from process reporting page.

A new process execution expects new set of input documents from the data source whereas a rerun resubmits the documents already processed.

Rerun of a process execution is essential in one or more of the following situations:

🔷Documents could not be delivered as the target application could not be reached because of network or application outage.

🔷Documents to be reprocessed after a bug is identified and fixed in the integration process.

🔷Rerun in test mode facilitates executing the document in latest version of process in build page for troubleshooting purposes.

Points to note if you desire to leverage rerun functionality in your integrations:

🔷 Documents that flow in/out of connectors are available for viewing and downloading in a process execution. However documents that are from Start shape or Trading Partner shape can ONLY be submitted for rerun. Design the process so that start shape is either a connector or Trading partner shape instead of no data/passthrough.

🔷Rerun can be done all successful or all error documents. When many documents are processed, design the process to selectively mark the error documents using an exception shape so that later the error documents can only be resubmitted.

🔷If a subprocess is configured with a connector start shape, ensure to deploy the subprocess independently to enable rerun of the subprocess.

🔷If integration scenario demands NOT to rerun from the start but from an intermediate document structure, consider placing the intermediate document in atom queue/disk and then reprocess them via a separate downstream process.

🔷The Rerun document API operation of AtomSphere API provides option to programmatically rerun documents.

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