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Two amazing uses of Boomi XSLT Stylesheet component

Updated: Mar 1

🚩Two amazing uses of Boomi XSLT Stylesheet component

XSLT capabilities in Boomi are not being fully leveraged by most developers. Below are the two amazing uses of XSLT Stylesheet component that you must know about:

✅Generating HTML Reports:

Human Readable HTML reports present content logically and help comprehend information easily.

In EDI systems, trading Partners report any business-rule based rejections using EDI document such as 864 & 824. It would be helpful to business to take corrective action if these errors/warnings reported in these EDI documents are sent to them as human readable reports. A readable HTML report can be generated using a two-step translation from EDI to XML using a map component and then a subsequent translation from XML to HTML using XSLT. The HTML report can then be emailed to interested recipients.

In A2A integrations, Processing summaries of records moved from one system to another and error alerts can be captured as XML data and can then be translated in to HTML using XSLT.

✅XML Preprocessing

XML from source systems sometimes occasionally needs be pre-processed/manipulated to effectively process them further downstream. Preprocessing such as XML data filtering, XML sorting, data manipulation such as inserting/removing specific element nodes, dropping empty tags, removing whitespaces in text nodes, can be easily achieved through XSLT. The XML pre-processed via XSLT processor can be translated into a different data format such as JSON/EDI/FlatFile to be sent to target systems.

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