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Tools to expedite your Boomi integration development.

Updated: Mar 1

🚩Six helpful tools to expedite your Boomi integration development.

Postman and SoapUI are most of our “Go-to tools” to test and document REST/SOAP APIs. Check out the below tools to help you speed up your integration development.

Custom groovy scripts need to be written if logic outside of the native functionality is required. Jdoodle offers convenient and easy to use web-based IDE for groovy. Try and test your groovy custom script at Jdoodle before you embed that in your integration.


If you are looking for a mock http endpoint to send your requests, pipedream comes handy. You can set up a unique mock URL in seconds


ChatGPT can help build custom groovy scripts faster than a conventional search engine approach. Custom groovy scripts can be written in seconds with a clear ChatGPT prompt such as “Write a groovy script to adddays to a String date”. Test those custom scripts using Jdoodle and embed that into Boomi components.


If you are into EDI integration, the EDI reference guides are the primary source of reference to understand the EDI documents. Stedi has a user-friendly UI to navigate the X12 and EDIFACT EDI message structure and understand the usage of every segment/elements. It also provides another helpful functionality “EDI Inspector” which helps in validating EDI documents.



Stylustudio is another helpful option if you’re into EDIFACT EDI messaging. Stylusstudio provides a very user-friendly EDIFACT reference guides.

Notepad++ plugins

If you have been using Notepad++ as your text editor, try “Compare”, “XML Tools” and “JSON Viewer” plugins. I have found them of great help.

Boomi Utilities

In addition to the above, you can use Boomi components to build your own test AS2/HTTP clients and endpoints for testing purposes.

What other tools would you like to add to this list ❓

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