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Tips to set up Boomi EDI connection with VAN

Updated: Mar 1

🚩Tips to set up Boomi EDI connection with VAN

Direct communication with trading partners is simple since your EDI system will only use that one communication channel to exchange documents specific to that partner.

EDI integration with Value-Added-Network such as ECGRID, OpenText Trading Grid or Managed EDI service providers such as SPS Commerce, TrueCommerce or ecommerce platforms such as CommerceHub might require exchanging documents pertaining to multiple trading partners on a single connection.

Below are guidelines to set up Boomi EDI integration for multi-partner sharing a common communication channel:

1) Configure trading partner components for each partner.

2) For Inbound processing, there are two ways a single connection can shared by multiple trading partners. The communication tab in trading partner component can be set up with one of the below:

a) Using MyCompany Defaults: Configure the communication setting to “Use All Defaults”. This implies the Boomi EDI processor to inherit the communication configured in the “My Company” connection details. Create a processing group component to group all trading partner components that should use the same connection. The inbound EDI process will then be configured to link “My Company” with the processing group.

b) Using Communication Channel: Create a Communication Channel component for the appropriate communication method. Configure the communication channel in trading partner communication settings. The inbound EDI process will then be configured with all the trading partner component added to the “Trading Partner List”.

3) Configure Outbound processing is relatively simpler. Create a separate outbound send process for each partner and configure that specific single TP component alone into the Trading Partner Send Shape. No grouping is required.

If you’re using AS2 as shared communication method, a wrong shared set up can end up in listener going into error state. Ensure to check the AS2 listener state and use the error message to troubleshoot.

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