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Tips to master Boomi mapping skills

One of the foundational functions of a middleware is translation of data formats to connect applications. Boomi provides a powerful and easy-to-use visual mapping editor to convert source to destination formats. Below are the tips to master Boomi mapping skills.

Clear understanding of loops

Loops are present in all document formats. EDI document has loops of segment groups, JSON has array of objects, XML has element loops and flat file has sub records. The document format can be ranging from very simple data structures with few elements to more advanced nested loops with parent/child/grandchild relationships. Boomi maps perform automatic looping based on the loop settings in source and destination profiles. To perform accurate and faster mapping, it is important to clearly understand the start/end of loops, the nesting hierarchies, and the profile loop settings. Mapping without understanding how the document data is organized, the loop associations between source/destination data structures and the profile loop settings would often result in more troubleshooting and consequently increased development time.

Familiarize on Profile and element options

Make use of Instance Identifiers

Leverage the power of Document Caches

Be comfortable with Custom scripting

Handling runtime process parameters

Find opportunities to create reusable mapping components

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