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Stay on Top of Your EDI Compliance: Automate 997 Unacknowledgment Tracking in Boomi

Updated: Mar 1

EDI Functional acknowledgements 997 plays a pivotal role in trading partner relationships. It serves two core purposes viz assures document delivery and reports acceptance/errors.

It is an EDI best practice to acknowledge a document within an agreed SLA and an overdue 997 report can be sent to the Trading Partner to ensure compliance.

You can find documents which were either unacknowledged or received error 997 from the Trading Partner Reporting page.

A better alternative is to automate using the Boomi AtomSphere API to send automated 997 overdue email to Trading partners. Listed below is high level steps to automate 997 Unacknowledgment Tracking in Boomi

1) Use dateProcessed as the filter criteria to query X12 Connector Record Object that are older than 48 hours.

2) Filter the records again with empty “Ack Status”

3) Map document details such as transaction type, control numbers, business numbers, EDI IDs from X12 connector record into custom overdue report XML profile.

4) Translate the custom overdue report XML into HTML using XSLT

5) Look up a CRT to retrieve the Trading Partner’s contact email using Partner EDI Id as the key

6) Email the 997 overdue report.

Should you have anything more to add, please write in comments.



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