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Simplify your Boomi error notification

Updated: Mar 1

🚩Three best practices to simplify your Boomi error notification by leveraging platform email alerts.

Email alerting is one of the convenient ways to monitor integration executions. We want execution failures to be notified so that we can resolve them.

Building your own custom email alert is possible, but it takes additional effort to build and then plug it to all failure points in the main process. Also, it costs you an additional mail connector license if you use it only for error alerting.

Design your process to terminate in the event of an error

The process execution can fail because of connection failures, runtime errors or user-defined exceptions.

For synchronous request-response pattern, typically the error message is sent in the response to the caller.

In Asynchronous processes, design them so that the process execution is terminated in the event of an error. A process will terminate when NO Try/Catch is used. Use Try/Catch only around connector calls when you wish to invoke retries. When Try/Catch is used, ensure to use Exception shape in the catch path to terminate the execution.

Configure Optimized email alerts

Configure email alerts optimally so that you receive alerts that needs attention.

For example, setting PROCESS.EXECUTION Event Type with Log Level as “ALL” will result in you receiving email alerts for successful executions which is unnecessary in most cases.

Setting PROCESS.EXECUTION Event Type with Log Level as “ERROR” is optimal.

If you wish to be warned for specific business cases such as order cancellation, EDI 824 messages without terminating the execution, you can introduce a notify shape with a “Warning” Message level and then set USER.NOTIFICATION Event Type with Log Level as “WARNING”

Aggregate Error Message in batch process

A batch process handles more than one document, and, in most cases, we would want to process the valid documents and stop only invalid ones. In such cases, you need to let valid documents successfully complete, aggregate the errors of all invalid documents and finally use an exception shape to terminate the execution.

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