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How to create encrypted(password protect) ZIP file in Boomi

Updated: Mar 1

Few months back, we had a requirement to create encrypted (password protected) zip file and email it to specific recipients. When working on the integration, we understood that Boomi currently don't support Zip Encryption with Password.

Upon more analysis, we learned about a third party library Zip4j which has comprehensive features for Zip encryption and could be used in Boomi integration.

We will go through the steps to understand how a Boomi Process can create a password protected zip file.

Download the Java library and add it to account libraries

  1. Download the JAR from You can also download from here

Download JAR • 209KB

2. In the AtomSphere platform, Go to Settings --> Account Information and Set up --> Account Libraries. Upload the downloaded JAR file from your local folder to the platform.

Create a custom library component and deploy it to your environment

Configuration Parameters

Demo Boomi Process

Zip4j Encrypt Script

Final Output


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Sneha .sne
Sneha .sne
Feb 13

getting null point error when ran the process

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