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Four ways how Boomi provides cost effective EDI solution to SMBs

Updated: Mar 1

Four ways how Boomi provides cost effective EDI solution to SMBs

Being EDI capable gives SMBs a competitive advantage as large retailers prefer their suppliers to automate business processes via EDI. SMBs have limited financial and human resources compared to large corporations and require cost-effective solution.

Below are the four ways Boomi offers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) an affordable EDI solution.

✅Subscription-based pricing

SMBs have straight-forward integration requirements to send and receive EDI data between Trading Partners and their accounting system. They usually require standard features to achieve their integration requirements.

Boomi offer Subscription-based pricing based on the features and number of connectors. SMBs simply pay for the features they need and number of applications/Trading partners they connect with and can stay on budget.

✅“Zero-footprint” integration solution

SMBs either employ an on-prem accounting system or cloud-based accounting software like NetSuite, Sage Intacct etc. For cloud based ERP integration, Boomi offers Atom Cloud which is a “zero-footprint” integration solution owned and maintained by Boomi and the company need not install hardware or software or network/firewall configurations. Boomi atom cloud brings saving on the infrastructure cost for SMBs.

For on-prem accounting systems, companies can use atom clouds for trading partner communication/translation and then can forward the translated data to an On-Prem SFTP/FTP server.

✅Self-sufficient integration product

Boomi IPaaS is self-sufficient without requiring additional software or tools. All one need is a browser and a Boomi runtime to get the integrations up and running. The AtomSphere platform accessed from a browser provides a visual editor for coding, manages versioning and captures all metadata for monitoring executions. No additional version control software, desktop-based IDEs or internal databases required.

✅Free training and certification

Boomi provides free training on all their products through their training and certification portal “boomiverse”. Boomi have extensive documentation on the product and has an active community of 100,000 users where one can get help. Companies need not spend a dime for learning the product or to get certified.

What other ways do you think Boomi provides cost-effective solution to SMBs ❓

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