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Four reasons how Boomi Event Streams Outshine Atom Queues

Updated: Mar 1

🚩Four reasons how Boomi Event Streams Outshine Atom Queues

Boomi Atom Queues have been widely used for asynchronous processing and message distribution. It was reliable and effective for standard use cases but lacked key features for a complex distribution system. Boomi’s Event Streams is a powerful addition to the platform and its superior to Atom queues in the following four ways:

Send/Receive message queues across accounts/runtimes!

Atom Queues are confined to their runtimes. You cannot send/receive messages to processes deployed to other atoms directly. However, messages can be accessed across any Boomi runtime using Event Streams. Use the Event Streams environment token to gain access to messages across other runtimes.

You might be using third party message brokers such as ActiveMQ for message visibility across multiple runtimes in classic “group of atoms” runtime architecture. You can evaluate replacing third party event brokers with Event Streams.

Advanced message distribution patterns.

Atom queues provide traditional point-to-point and pub/sub message distribution. Event Streams provide Exclusive (FIFO), Shared and Failover message distribution patterns.

Exclusive (FIFO) – Order of message is preserved. One consumer alone process message.

Shared – Messages are load balanced across consumers in the subscription.

Failover – One primary consumer. If primary fails, next consumer takes over.

Advanced Functionalities for Produce Event

Event Streams Produce Event has helpful functionalities such as message compression feature and configuration option to attach message properties. In addition, supports two access modes (Exclusive and Shared) which defines whether the topic can be shared with other producers.

Strong Product RoadMap

Boomi has a strong roadmap for event streams. Host Event Streams to multiple regions, introduce external REST API to publish messages into Event Stream topics and many more in the future release making it an attractive bet.

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