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Five checks to ensure your Boomi integration is production ready

🚩Do these five checks to ensure your Boomi integration is production ready

The below checks though crucial are often overlooked during tests in lower environments as the integration process runs for a brief time with limited datasets. In production environment, the below best practices will help respond quickly and effectively to issues that arise saving time and effort.

Enable extensions

Ensure to enable extensions in your integration process. Often times, the integration runs in test environment with the defaults configured in the components.

When deployed to production, you might be asked to use production values for your connection. In EDI integration, the trading partner might request you to change Prod EDI values/connection information. Having extensions enabled helps you apply these changes effortlessly.

Configure Tracked fields

Locating a document without tracked fields would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Business users would want us to check the processing status of a document or would like to view the document for troubleshooting purposes.

Identify and configure unique identifiers such as transaction Ids, document numbers as track fields. EDI Business numbers such as PO#, SO#, INV# need be configured to be able to track the full lifecycle in O2C/P2P flows.

Set up robust Exception handling and Retries

Ensure that the process is designed to catch all possible exceptions. Design the integration so that either custom email alert is sent out or the process is terminated when an exception is encountered

Configure retries so that the integration can recover itself from flaky connections.

Ability to Rerun documents

Rreun of documents comes for your rescue when the document encountered an error midway in your integration (or) a code fix necessitates all data to be resent.

Rerun is possible at the process start shape and Trading partner shape only. Design integration so that you can easily rerun documents from process reporting page.

Proper Logging

If your integration processes more documents and involves multiple subprocesses, using notify shape at key places to print log messages will help in faster troubleshooting.

You can also introduce a switch for logging and turn on from an extensible process property when required. Display names entered in process shapes appear in the process logs and gives a clear view of how the program control flows from one shape to another.

Should you have anything to add, please write in comments

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