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Boomi Oracle Database Connector- Difference between Commit By Profile and Commit By Number of Rows

Updated: Mar 1


With Boomi, one can quickly integrate with Oracle database. Though both legacy database and Database V2 connectors support integration with Oracle DB, Oracle DB connector is built specifically for integration with Oracle DB supporting specific features such as Oracle Wallet/TCPS configuration.

Committing changes to a database is a very important step to ensure that the data is permanently saved since last commit. A clear understanding of the commit options is essential to ensure that the data is saved as desired and nothing is lost.

Both standard and dynamic INSERT/DELETE/UDPATE/UPSERT in Boomi Oracle Database connector operation has two commit options "Commit By Profile" and "Commit By Number of Rows"

I performed a proof-of-concept to understand the behavior of these two commit options for Oracle Database Connector

POC process

Commit by Profile

Commit By Number of Rows

Additional Note

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