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Boomi Low Latency Process Mode

✍️ Points to keep in mind about Boomi’s Low Latency Process Mode

🔺Low latency mode speeds up integration processes to process a high volume of messages and provide faster responses. Low latency can be enabled in process options.

🔺Faster responses comes at a compromise as low latency processes never appear in processing reporting unless it encounters an error. All low latency execution are summarized on Real-time dashboard.

🔺When using atom clouds, to boost performance enable atom workers for low latency processes to run.

🔺Low latency processes do not generate platform email alerts.

🔺For debugging purposes, the Process Mode can changed to “General” for web service processes by setting the query parameter _boomi_debug=true or the HTTP header X-Boomi-Debug=true

👉Use cases: Synchronous API requests to provide real-time data such as price and availability of products, currency exchange prices, weather data comes from different channels (web, mobile) are usually high volumes and responses must be returned faster. Low Latency comes handy in such use cases.

Should you have anything more about Low Latency, please write in comments.

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