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Boomi Bridge Process Mode. Comparison between General, Bridge and Low Latency Process Modes

Updated: Mar 1

🚩Insights in to “Bridge Process Mode”. Key comparison between different process modes

Boomi released has an interesting feature “Bridge Process Mode” in their latest May'23 platform release.

Bridge Process Mode balances between General and Low Latency process Modes. A mode to balance both performance and process logging.

✅ Execution is recorded in process reporting both success and error executions.

✅ Process Logs are available for success and error executions

✅ Document data are NOT stored for Bridge processes

✅ Speed and efficiency nearly as fast as dedicated low latency mode

✅ Rerunning from process reporting Not possible as document data is never stored

✅A new "Bridge Listener Execution" is available as a filter option to the execution modes in the process reporting page.

Some highlights about this feature based on my analysis

Comparison of Boomi process modes

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