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4 Crucial Factors you shouldn't overlook when you’re considering Atom Cloud as your runtime.

Updated: Mar 1

Boomi offers Atom Cloud which is a “zero-footprint” integration solution owned/maintained by Boomi and brings saving on the infrastructure cost. An Atom cloud can be set up in seconds to run your integration processes. However, Boomi has set up governance limits in Atom Clouds to ensure efficient use of resources and avoid one account monopolize it. Below are four crucial considerations you should be aware before opting Atom cloud as your runtime.

✅ Maximum simultaneous process executions per account

Atom cloud rejects any process executions when the maximum number of concurrent executions exceeds 50 in prod and 20 in test.

You will get an exception “Account executions exceeded limit of 50.” reported in process reporting when max simultaneous executions limit is violated. You cannot rerun the execution as the document is never accepted for processing and is permanently lost. You may need to reach out to the sender to resend them.

✅ Processed Data Archiving

Document data is stored for 14 days for Production Clouds and purged daily in Test Clouds. Test Clouds may not be suitable for sensitive phases of the project such as UAT where the documents are purged daily and are NOT available to troubleshoot/fix issues very next day.

✅ Atom Cloud Time Zone

The Atom Cloud operates in UTC time zone. The “Get Current Date”, Date formatting, Schedulers are all baselined for UTC. You have to put in place necessary time zone conversions if you’re source/target systems are operating in time zones other than UTC.

✅ Suitable only when all connected applications are in cloud

Atom clouds cannot access resources behind the company’s firewall. If integration needs to connect to On-Prem resources such as DB, file share, ERP, then Atom cloud is NOT suitable.

Should you have anything more to add, please write in comments.

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