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Five pro tips to effortlessly run saved search using Boomi NetSuite Connector

Updated: Mar 1

Boomi NetSuite Connector’s advanced search makes it easy to reference an existing Saved Search and to retrieve specific columns from a record based on filter fields.

A Saved search has three important components and its analogous in Boomi NetSuite Operation as below

Search Type – NetSuite Operation Object

Search filter fields - NetSuite Operation Object Filters

Search return columns - NetSuite Operation Object Fields

Below are five pro tips to effortlessly run saved search using Boomi NetSuite Connector

Know your NetSuite record type

NetSuite saved searches are created for a specific record Type. It is important to know the record type so that appropriate object/profiles can be imported against that specific object using the NetSuite Operation.

For example, an Item search might return Inventory Item, Assembly/BOM or Kits and you need to import Item object in your NetSuite Operation than various types of item record types.

A transaction search might combine data from multiple record types and when configuring NetSuite operation you need to import Transaction Object than the other individual returned record types.

Use internal ID or script ID to reference a saved search

To reference an existing saved search, you need either the internal ID or script ID of the saved search as one of the filters in NetSuite Operation. Configure either Internal ID to savedSearchID filter field or script ID to savedSearchScriptID filter field.

Apply additional filter criteria and select required returned rows

One of the important benefits of an advanced saved search is to retrieve fields selectively than the full record resulting in improved response time.

A saved search is created in NetSuite with a specific criteria and search return columns. You can set additional filer criteria in the Filters section of the NetSuite operation, and it will be applied conjunctive to the criteria already set in Saved Search.

By default, all fields of the object are selected and you must select the fields to be returned from the Fields tab of the NetSuite operation.

Ensure appropriate permissions

Your TBA User should have appropriate permissions/roles so that the record type is visible during import and for you to run the saved search.

Formula fields Support

Formula fields are not supported by SuiteTalk SOAP Web services and hence Boomi NetSuite connector which is based on SOAP Web services cannot return formula fields. In such cases, you need to fetch appropriate saved search columns on which the formula is applied and emulate the same inside Boomi process/maps.

An alternative is to use leverage RESTlets which returns formula fields of an advanced saved search. RESTlets can be consumed only through a HTTP Client connector.

Saved Searches in EDI Integrations

In EDI integrations, scheduled processes run saved searches that qualifies Sales Order, Item Fulfilment, Invoice, and Item data to be sent to Trading Partner as 855, 856, 810 and 846 respectively.

Should you have anything more to add, please write in comments.

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Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar
Mar 21

This Article is helpful. Can you write some use case on using Restlets.

Alex James
Alex James
Apr 02
Replying to

Thank you Santhosh. I have worked in few Boomi Restlets integration. I will write a blog on that when I get a chance.

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